Hunter Dyar

Downhill Jam - Using Inheiritance in Unity Follow-along Video Series

I recorded the following video series as an assignment for my programming class, accompanying other projects where they getting introduced to polymorphism in C#. This project is a follow-along demonstration of, in a “real” game, some of these code architecture techniques in action.

The first part just sets up the Car Controller. This is the type of thing I would consider skipping, and providing the starter project and sample assets to the students. I took the opportunity to solve an interesting problem with vectors and dot products, and demonstrate the workflow - structuring the rest of the project to isolate the challenging bit into it’s own little area.

The second and third parts, doing Interaction and UI Panels, are the real heart of the project.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


The Github Repository contains the code, with different branches for getting the code as it was at the end of each video.