Hunter Dyar

Make Breakout In Unity - Follow-along video series

Put together a follow-along video series for making breakout in Unity.

My goal is to have a beginner series that I can give my students who want more concrete next steps after taking my workshop. The next steps, then, would be some kind of game manager setup, and thinking through references and dependencies. This makes a good first project for doing that.

In that spirit, Part 2 is the real heart of this project. But the whole thing is here.

The completed source code is available here: Remember on Github you can browse the scripts without having to download the entire project.

Part 1: Mechanics

Part 2: Game Manager

Part 3: UI & Extras

From a personal front, I wanted to spend more time editing the videos than I normally do. I continue struggling to find a good balance between how much time it takes me to edit a video (way too much) and how much better the videos can get. I just don’t have the time to invest in the videos.

For this one, I set some rules - literal timers - for how long I would spend editing them, and I ran out of time. I need to get faster at video editing, I’m horribly slow. As for the performance, I’m not going to beat myself up - the truth is I need a script and a teleprompter. I’ve gone as far as buying a cheap teleprompter, I haven’t had a chance to set it up and use it for a video yet.

The last note, is I somewhat resent video editing and video production. I resent any effort to become a “brand” or someone who makes “content”. I’m an educator, and I am facilitating resources for my students. I don’t need things like thumbnails or to “play the youtube game”. I - for better or worse - feel a strange need to push back against any efforts to become an ‘internet creator’. I think I can make high quality professor-recordings, but low quality YouTube-tech-educator videos. I don’t think I want them to look that good, the lack of polish is like a genre-label, communicating to random people who find the channel that this isn’t for them, but they’re welcome to investigate…but don’t judge the videos too harshly.