H Dyar

An informal and inexhaustive list of nonphotographic projects I've worked on. Not in any particular order.

Master's Thesis on Immersive Storytelling and 360 Video

I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with an MA in Emerging Media, The thesis I wrote is available at stuckinspheres.com

How To Not Drop A Camera

I've been writing an online resource for students as a supplement to the micro course I teach at Carnegie Mellon University in 'Pragmatic Photography'. This is very WIP. howtonotdropacamera.com

Intro To Unity (for smart people)

I have been writing and collecting resources for my Unity students to help them learn unity. Like the above, very WIP. unity.hdyar.com

The Daily Song Club

The dailysong.club is a text message service/community of music lovers sharing songs with each other that I run. It texts you a song every day, and this queue is sourced by the club members texting in music.

currently paused

A puzzle platformer game, you can play online in your browser.

It has over 7,000 views to date. Even some random youtubers made letsPlay's of the game:

The Goodbye Room - Kickstarter

360 Filming and Gameplay design for Kickstarted Indie VR game The Goodbye Room by Max Ellinger.

Deertective 2: A Cold Case Interlude

Global Game Jam 2019 project, We made a point and click detective mystery game. ~15 minute play time. GGJ Page.

January, 2019
Nobody Wants To Hear You Scream

Global Game Jam 2018 project. Made in 14 consecutive hours. Download and play here.

January 2018.
Global Thermonuclear Lawn Darts - VR Game Design

Part of a team of 5 that put this game together in 4 weeks. Main non-development challenge was conveying depth to the user in such a way that tossing a lawn dart could be both a challenging and satisfying mechanic.

February 2017
Baum Blvd. 41'x4"

I created a really really long photo of an entire street. It was not easy. Info here.

April 2017
VR Research on Locomotion and Scaling

Researched and iterated on using player scaling as means of locomotion for VR user interfaces.

Fall 2016
Thanksgiving Dinner - Interactive Podcast

No longer available online, sadly. I created an interactive choose-your-own-adventure podcast where the episodes pushed to the unique feed were determined by choices you made, selecting links in the podcast description. The underlying system handled basic branching narratives. The story I produced kept the story events fixed, but the perspective would alter as you chose different narrators - and different versions of the events unfolded.

Wow! What a Podcast!

Wow! What a podcast! is a semi-secret underground podcast for my friends. A sketchbook for audio experiments and noises. It's probably not worth listening to.

High Speed Portraits

Using a (relatively) cheap yet very high speed camera I produced vertical montage video and audio portraits. More info here.

May 2017
Uncanny - Video portait

High speed cameras help us capture invisible things, such as the uncanny moments as a face slides between expressions.

Uncanny from Smokey on Vimeo.

January 2017
sorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorry - Rocket League Youtube Videos

I try to make videos my friends will enjoy, about Rocket League (a game I play a lot of). YouTube Channel.

Thanksgiving Break Game Jam

Created a short game experience about being lost in the snow and stumbling onto danger. Incomplete.

Fall 2016
The Letters, The Leftovers - videos

March 29, 2017 from The Letters The Leftovers on Vimeo.

Pointless, non-narrative videos to practice editing video, since I like making videos but don't often get a chance to. I also explore using bare bones equipment (editing on an ipad, shooting on phones and sports cams, etc). It began when I forced myself to make a vlog-ish-style video every day for a few weeks. I don't recommend watching these here.

The Letters, The Leftovers - photos 

The Letters, The Leftovers is a effectively private blog where I capture moments of my life so I can remember them later. It is photography not for art or expression, but pure 'I am here' statements.

High Speed Photogrammetry

High Speed Photogrammetry, Experimental Capture from Irene Alvarado on Vimeo.

Here is information about a project I did 3D scanning objects captured with high speed photography techniques

Fall 2015
Intergalactic Revolution - VR Game Design

In development VR Space trading and exploration game. Hacked on during weekends, it's very early in development.

The Cauldron - DePauw Campus Magazine

Back in undergrad I was the editor-in-chief of a magazine. It may not look like much, but I promise it was well above-average in terms of college undergraduate arts magazines, appropriately remembered fondly by staff and faculty. Here is an issue, for the curious.

The Charlotte Show

The Charlotte Show was a weekly comedy radio show that we produced. The Charlotte Show combined live and improvised entertainment with written and recorded (ie: produced) sketch comedy audio (which was also published as a podcast). It was probably the most time consuming yet entertaining thing I did as an undergraduate, and it's a shame a better archive of the material doesn't exist, most of the audio files have gone offline somewhere when we stopped paying to host the podcast.

Any Given Tuesday Night

This project was me looking at how to embrace strange photogrammetry artifacts. Instead of creating entrancing beauty with it, I decided to stick to more terrifying aesthetic, and try to create an environment that one might find in a horror experience. No scares, just the environment. Using filmic cues in VR was enjoyable. This project included a VR build for oculus, Binaural recordings of a train, and a 'butt kicker', a bass transducer that we surreptitiously attached to the bottom of the users chair. The video does not do justice at just how well we were able to unnerve many of those who tried it.

Fall 2016
Monday Afternoon - 360 Compositing

Simple tests in compositing in 360

Cool New Startup - Twitter Bot

This twitter bot generates startups by mashing up existing startup descriptions from ycombinator. Made in a handful of hours as a jam challenge.

September 2016
Bright Lights? Keep Going - Game Design

Game design is hard. I've been doing small projects in my free time. With one of them, a 2D puzzle platformer, I attempt to document many trials and impasses of learning Unity here.

Audio Repair

Occasionally people send me terrible field-recorded audio and I will clean it up for them. I don't particularly enjoy this work, but if it pays it pays.

Knights of the Sanguine Blade

One of my favoite school projects. Over 8 weeks, myself and 3 other student wrote a complete RPG bible for a Pendragon adventure. This pdf is structured oddly because of various class requirements, but perfectly playable for anyone who knows Pendragon.

Spring 2016
Dice Roller App for Pebble

I created a dice rolling app for Pebble Watches (rip).

Hugh "Smokey" "Hunter" Huntington Dyar IV