H Dyar

Hello. I'm Hugh Huntington Dyar IV.

I am a freelance photographer specializing in portraiture and event photography. The best places to find my work is my portfolio and at blog.notdroppingcameras.com where I regularly post images.

Feel free to reach out. My email is me@hdyar.com.

Currently a graduate student, I have studied emerging media, mathematics, philosophy, creative writing, theater performance, and film through my master's program, two minors, and an interdisciplinary major. In my non-academic time I have been a photographer, sound designer, game producer, playwright, radio producer, and poet. I also love working with kids and teaching digital media. I've shot on everything from large format setups to thermal cameras to electron microscopes, and on a 35mm camera from every century since 1930. While I wear many hats, I have always had two connecting threads: storytelling and media production. I love figuring out how stories work, and discovering ways to tell stories in novel and emerging mediums. Combining these passions brought my to my master's thesis on 360 video editing and cinematography from Carnegie Mellon University. I graduate in May.